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TikTok has become a social media site with a wealth of foodie videos – everything from recipes, cooking hacks, and interesting new foods.

But one of the latest TikTok foodie obsessions is the strange new recipe for grilled sunflower heads.

Photo: Pixabay/Fruehlingswiese

The trend first emerged last summer, when people were very divided on the TikTok front. It has made a resurgence online with a new take on the recipe. There are plenty of farmers and chefs who have taken to the app to share their own versions of the grilled sunflower heads.

For example, Brian Brigantti of the Redleaf Ranch in Tennessee showed off his version of the vegan dish. He explained in the video, “For a grilled sunflower head, you want to use a head that isn’t fully developed. So, the seeds are still going to be on the lighter side and much softer.”

Photo: Pixabay/RitaE

Once Brigantti removes the flower’s petals, he washes the head and then coats it with oil and spices such as salt, pepper, paprika, thyme, and onion powder.

Then, he places the flower head face down on the grill for five minutes with the lid on.

Photo: TikTok/@redleafranch
Photo: TikTok/@redleafranch

After removing it from the grill, he sprinkles some Tajin and green onions on top and it’s ready to eat.

He adds, “Oh yeah, I see why it’s a thing. So good! Go try yourself some grilled sunflower.”


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What do you think of the sunflower trend? Have you ever tried eating a roasted sunflower head? Let us know!