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Diane from Nixon, Missouri, wanted a change. She heard about The Makeover Guy from social media and YouTube, and decided to pay him a visit herself to see if he could help her and her current hair catastrophe. She wants to look classy and sophisticated. Christopher, aka, The Makeover Guy, was more than up for the challenge!

Diane explains that she’s a recently retired teacher with two adult children and six grandkids. Over the years, she let her hair go, opting to dye it the same brown color and wearing it in a bob. However, she’s ready to embrace retirement with a whole new look! Diane tells us that she doesn’t want a lot of maintenance, but she still wants to feel good when taking her grandkids out around town.

When asked about her hair type, Diane smiles and says it’s always been wavy but not curly. She then goes on to say she was hard on her hair in the 70s and 80s, either straightening it with high heat or teasing it for more volume. I’m sure that sounds familiar to a lot of us, regardless of the decade!

Chris worked his magic once again, giving Diane an absolutely gorgeous makeover! Diane said her husband didn’t even recognize her when she stopped him in the lobby – but that they’ve been married for forty years and she loves him anyway.

The Makeover Guy chopped off almost all of Diane’s hair, getting rid of the frizzy mess and nearly starting over from scratch! The color is so much better and it even has some nice texture to it. Diane loves the shorter look, and she really loves that she can wear beautiful wigs like the one below!

See the transformation in the video below!

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