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Gothic Lattes Are The New Trend For People With Dark Souls

Lattes featuring activated charcoal have been dubbed the “Goth Latte.” Previously only found in the UK and Australia, the Goth Latte can now be found in Venice, California.

Everyone knows what it is like to wake up in the morning and need that first cup of coffee to get into gear. There are some days where that cup cannot be dark enough, either. If you are someone who finds themselves feeling this way on a regular basis, we have got the perfect drink for you. The Goth Latte is here and it is every bit as spectacular as you would have hoped.

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What else would I do when I'm in awe of what @nicely85 the head barista at @menottis -the coolest coffee stop in Venice, CA- is creating using our Activated Charcoal!?! 😳😊💕 . For starters…I'm reposting it! . He also happens to be the Coffeefest World Latte Art TRIPLE Champion so it's no wonder he knows what he's doing and, of course, people are in love with beautiful lattes around the world but when it's a "goth latte" that looks beautiful, tastes yummy, AND can help with tummy troubles and hangover…um, yes….how could it get any better? . THANK YOU @nicely85 !!! 🙏 . We LOVE 😍 seeing creations of all types! What have you made using our charcoal powder? . . . . . . . #activatedcharcoal #latteart #gothlatte #charcoallatte #blacklatte #blackisback #venicebeach #california #losangeles #charcoalpowder #tummytroubles #hangovercure #gasrelief #charcoalcoffee #cafe #detox #cleanse #f52grams #instahealth #feedyoursoul #tastingtable #coffeeshop #coffeestop #coffeetime #coffeefirst #longevity #coffeelover #healthy #digestiveaid #barista

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A typical latte is brown in color from the espresso shots, topped with white, foamy milk.

The Goth Latte is a little different. It’s black. Like, completely black. Can you guess what gives it this dark, goth color?

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Connaissez-vous le Goth latte? Il s'agit d'un café latte réalisé avec un ingrédient spécial… du charbon activé! Des propriétés détoxifiantes à la clé, mais gare au sourire! 😬 . #cafe #gothlatte #latteart #halloween #cafénoir #coffeecup #amoureuxducafé

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It’s black from the key ingredient: activated charcoal. No worries, these lattes are safe to drink. They are even healthier than they sound!

Activated charcoal is a substance that many of us rely upon when it is time to cleanse our bodies of unwanted toxins.

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Goth Latte . 일상으로 복귀 . #untitledworkshop #gothlatte #여행스냅 #travelphotography #coffee #cafe #travelgram

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The Goth Latte may look like something that one of the Devil’s minions would drink, but the effects are rather heavenly. If you consume these beverages in the right amount, they will assist you in ways that you never could have expected.

Up until now, these lattes have only been seen in cafes in the United Kingdom and Australia. Thankfully, Menotti’s, located in Venice, California, released their version of the Goth Latte!

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One for me, one for you ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis see you in the morning?

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While the Goth Lattes still aren’t popular all over the US, they seem to be spreading.

If you would like to try out activated charcoal in the meantime, be sure to check out all of the black ice cream options that are currently available.

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Charcoal icecream🍦🍦 . . . . . . . . . . #charcoalicecream #icecream #hornokplease #icehockey #cute #cuteicecream #icecreamsundae #charcoalhub #foodstagram #foodiotkk #foodiot

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The Goth Latte might not seem like the most obvious beverage to add to your health regimen, but when you read up on the health benefits, you won’t be able to resist.

A drink that is as black as our souls that also offers health benefits that we can’t get anywhere else? Please tell us where we can sign up…pronto.