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Chef Gordon Ramsey has a reputation for yelling insults at other chefs. It is this level of harsh criticism that has made him a popular watch on reality TV over the years. But recently, he’s taken his smart quips to the social media platform, TikTok. There, he quite vividly gives his opinions on other people’s cooking.

Not too long ago, his daughter, Holly, tagged the world-famous chef in her own recipe by posting, “rate my plate.”

Holly Ramsey opted to recreate one of Gordon’s own dishes – a potato gnocchi. She didn’t follow his recipe exactly, adding her own flare to the dish. While many would assume that Gordon would go a little easier on his own kid, he did anything but.

Photo: TikTok / gordonramsayofficial

Gordon quickly pointed out his disappointment in her for not peeling the potatoes as well as not cooking them for long enough. His exact words were, “You should know better. Shame on you, Holly!”

Many TikTok users were quick to point out that if his own daughter wasn’t spared his sharp tongue then there was no hope for the rest of the aspiring chefs on TikTok.

It’s true, as there have been other victims of Gordon’s high standards, like the chef who decided to put mac and cheese on top of pizza, which triggered Gordon. The chef couldn’t help himself and called the combination “vial.”

Watch his roast of his daughter in the video below:


Holly !! I thought I taught you better #duet with @hollyannaramsay #ramsayreacts #fyp

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