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If you’ve spent even a little time on Twitter over the past few years, you’ve seen Gordon Ramsay’s withering critiques. People would tag him in pictures of their meals and he would let them have it. These roasts made us wonder why anyone would voluntarily accept that type of verbal abuse. Now, he’s taken his expertise to TikTok, where he does exactly what you would expect Gordon Ramsay to do: He tells people that their cooking is terrible, in ways that are endlessly entertaining to everyone but the person who is being eviscerated.

Home chefs with the bravery to ask for Ramsay’s opinions are being slandered left and right. These clips will make you happy that you have the self-awareness to keep your mediocre cooking to yourself.

Image via Flickr

TikTok user @buoyboys was on the receiving end of his harangue. They claim to turn cheap steak into pricey waygu beef, but Ramsay was not about to fall into their trap.


Wagyu shouldn’t be in a bag…..#ramsayreacts #duet with @buoyboys #fyp

♬ Ameno hatsune miku – clod_boie

@jchelle36 probably got it worse than @buoyboys, though, due to their fish and chips duet that went hilariously wrong. If you also spend way too much time on the internet, you probably remember her as the lady who thought that it would be a good idea to make tea in her microwave. You’ll be howling with laughter when you see what she seasons the fish with!


This is what happens when you send me your dishes……#ramsayreacts #duet with @jchelle36

♬ original sound – jchelle36

@elburritomonster’s lamb and sweet potatoes looked nice, but Ramsay was not pleased with his decision to cook the potatoes in the microwave. If you’re going to submit your cooking to Ramsay, you would think that you would try your best to avoid those sorts of rookie mistakes.


Britain’s Got Talent got a new chef…..#duet with @elburritomonster #fyp #ramsayreacts

♬ original sound – elburritomonster