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Gordon Ramsay is perhaps best known to the denizens of the internet as the famous chef who loves to roast everyone else’s plates. He’s very good at preparing all sorts of complicated dishes, though. Of course, Ramsay is also well known for his love of the simpler foods out there, like pancakes.

National Pancake Day was upon us and Ramsay just had to show off his perfect pancake technique. If you’re a fan of hotcakes, you are definitely going to want to watch this one. The best part of all is when he shows us his amazing flipping technique.

Photo: Instagram / gordongram

As you would have expected, Gordon is not the type to rely on the boxed pancake mixes. He whisks his own mixture of milk, eggs, and flour for a bit and then he leaves it to sit for 15 minutes. From there, he grabs some cooking spray and a hot nonstick pan, if you want to emulate Ramsay’s techniques. A ladle full of the pancake mixture is spooned onto the pan’s center. He really makes it look so easy.

Photo: Instagram / gordongram

We’re not going to lie to you, his pancakes look closer to crepes to us but that’s all right. If you are anything like us, you are just appreciative of the lesson. He’s a thin and crispy pancake lover, which is great for those who want to pile on various toppings (such as fruit).

Photo: Instagram / gordongram

Ramsay suggests using strawberries or raspberries, along with honey and sugar for added sweetness. Adding some lemon zest is also useful because it allows the pancakes to remain flavorful and fragrant.

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