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It does not matter how much money we have on hand, we’ll never be too good to steer clear of an excellent deal. Anyone who is looking to enhance their nest egg will certainly want to take a closer look at the helpful tips that Collin Morgan has to offer. She’s a shopping wizard who is going to teach you how to get the most out of your Goodwill trips.

The cool kids call it thrifting and it’s a heck of an experience. Morgan has no shortage of tips to offer and we urge you to watch the video in full. For now, we are just going to focus on the deals that we liked best.

It all starts with paying closer attention to the color of the tags in question. Goodwill uses a bunch of different colors and these colors determine the price of the items you’re purchasing. Each week, a different color tag is on sale for 50% off!

Photo: YouTube/ Hip2Save

Parents who are looking to save a few bucks on their Christmas shopping are also going to want to take a look. After all, the sheer amount of lightly used toys that Goodwill has to offer is astounding. Any parent who does not care about providing their children with original packaging is sure to love it here. It’s not like your little ones are going to be let down because they didn’t have a chance to play with a silly box.

Goodwill is also a gold mine for cheap office supplies. We were able to stock up on all of the essentials here, for a fraction of what we would have spent at the big box retailers! The office supplies that are available here are fully modern.

Photo: YouTube/ Hip2Save

The items that they stock are usually in great condition, too, as they aren’t going to stock items that are broken or in poor shape.

Check out the full video below and be sure to pass this one along to all of the bargain hunters in your life!