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There are certain skills that are almost beyond our ability to grasp. We just watch certain people and marvel at how they are able to pull off the things that they do.

Take the gingerbread sculptor Caroline Eriksson, for example. We’ve looked over a lot of her work and we are still struggling to wrap our heads around how talented she is!

She’s amazingly talented and we are just glad that she was willing to share her work with us. The good folks at 60 Second Docs interviewed the artist and heard more about her creative process.

Caroline, from Oslo, Norway, does awesome work as a cake designer. The things that she can pull off with some pastry are a sight to behold.

When 60 Second Docs visited with her, Caroline shared her immense passion for the work that she does and even shared how she makes the sturdy gingerbread that she uses for her constructions.

As you would expect, it takes her quite a bit of time to finish a project and that is understandable. These are the types of things that we love to see. Erikkson was even kind enough to share some of her inspirations with the audience, which makes for a great watch. The description that is provided can barely do her justice but it will definitely pique your interest.

“Swedish food artist Caroline Eriksson creates life-sized, intricate sculptures out of gingerbread. Her designs, mostly inspired by pop culture and movies like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Predator,’ can take weeks to finish,” it reads. She’s certainly a bit of a movie buff and she uses the cinema as her primary source of inspiration.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the whole interview, though, is when Caroline admits that she’s terrible at baking! She may be a creative genius, but she said she often sets off the smoke alarm when baking.

As for us, we cannot wait to see what she ends up cooking up next, both literally and figuratively. Her designs are so finely detailed that you will have a hard time believing that they are made of gingerbread.

Check out the interview below:

You can see more of Caroline and her work on Instagram, @caroline.d.eriksson.

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