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With Halloween just weeks away, we want to make the most of all the autumn or spooky-themed treats available to us. And one that looks pretty tasty is the Frappuccino inspired by the movie, “Ghostbusters.” While it looks delicious, it’s not an official menu item. instead, you need to give your barista specific instructions since it’s on the Starbuck’s supposed “secret menu.”

The nice thing about the baristas of Starbucks is that they’re willing to make you a drink to order, so all you need to do is ask nicely. However, instead of asking for a “Ghostbusters” Frappuccino, you need to ask for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, with some raspberry syrup and strawberry puree. Then, ask for it to be topped off with some whipped cream and mocha cookie crumbles for the full-color scheme.

The full set of ordering directions are on, along with their list of other secret menu ordering tips. The “Ghostbuster” Frappuccino is already proving to be quite popular on social media. One man, David Swartz, posted on Facebook that he was trying the “unofficial” Frappuccino.

Trying this unofficial “Ghostbusters Frappuccino” from Starbucks

Posted by David Swartz on Saturday, September 26, 2020

Another tweet from @kattiikinz wrote, “Yo, this Ghostbusters @Starbucks secret menu drink is legit.”

Josh Brown commented, “The Ghostbusters Frap at Starbucks is delicious. It’s supposed to be the logo colors. Honestly, I like it because people thought outside the box. Everyone does slime and I’m just exhausted on slime.”

The Ghostbusters Frap at Starbucks is delicious!

Posted by Josh Brown on Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sounds like we’ve got a new secret menu item to try before the end of October. What do you think of the treat? Will you be trying it? Let us know!

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