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I love a good DIY project. What makes a “good” DIY project? Personally, I have three things I look for; simple to put together, inexpensive material list, and of course, that it looks cute! The projects below meet this criteria, plus they are projects for your fur babies! It doesn’t get much better than that. Take a look at some of these pet-centric ideas in the list below, and then watch the video for more details!

Planter Play Center

Okay, I’ll be honest, I jumped right in with my favorite project first. How awesome is this little cat hideaway? Not only is there acomfy bed, but it’s a great place to store the mountains of toys your cat never plays with. Depending on the size of your cat, you could also use this space as a discrete litter box.

To make this, grab a large plastic pot and base. Draw a line for the opening and trace it over with a soldering iron. Sand down the edges once they’ve cooled. Then, fill the base that came with the pot with fake plants, holding everything down with a cinder block or other heavy weighted item. You can remove the “lid” and put a pillow inside for a bed, or a circular tray lined with a plastic bag and litter for a litter box.


Does your fur baby have short, stubby legs? Or maybe they are older and in need of some assistance when hopping up on the couch or into the car? Either way, this DIY is perfect for you and your pup!

Grab two crates – one large, and one small, and paint them whatever color you want. Make sure to sand down any rough edges before painting so your doggo doesn’t hurt themself! Then, simply turn the crates upside down and glue the smaller crate on top of the larger one with industrial-strength glue, like E6000.

Raised Bowl

Having raised food and water bowls is great for so many reasons. It can help an older dog or cat who has trouble bending down, it eliminates some of the mess often left in the wake of dinner time, plus, it looks so much more neat and tidy, don’t you think?

All you need for this DIY is some plywood, a saw, and two bowls! Trace around the bowls and cut around the circles, sanding down the edges when you’re done. Then, cut two equal pieces of plywood and glue them on using wood glue. All that’s left is to paint and plop in the bowls!

See more pet DIYs in the video below!

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