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Don’t judge us, but brand new treats are one of the most exciting things that we come across on a daily basis.

While most of us probably know Pillsbury’s Funfetti from the delicious cake mixes that they have to offer, they’re serving up Funfetti in a whole new way.

Photo: flickr/esimpraim

The Funfetti Candy Cane is here to make Christmas bright. The Brach’s company is well known for providing all sorts of seasonal treats and they also have a wide range of everyday items to offer. We have them to thank for the presence of this brand new Christmas treat. If you would like to check it out, head to the website of distributor Redstone Foods.

Photo: Redstone Foods

The colorful candies are sure to draw a lot of attention. In order to properly mimic the color scheme of the beloved cakes, the canes are white with pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue specks. There is only one catch here: those who do not consider themselves to be fans of peppermint may be against the idea. Anyone who seeks a fun alternative for the classic flavor will definitely want to consider these.

What do these treats taste like, though? That’s the question that is surely on the mind of all our readers at the moment. We have yet to find out anything too specific but we are guessing that it is going to taste like the cakes we love, with a slight hint of peppermint. In the meantime, the suspense is absolutely killing us. Once we get more details, we are going to be sure to pass them along.

Photo: Redstone Foods

They are coming to come in boxes of 12 and we assume that we will know more by the time the holidays roll around. To make matters even more awesome, Skittles also plans to roll out their own candy canes at this time. If you are anything like us, you are already in the process of making your own holiday shopping list!

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