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If you are anything like us, you grew up watching Full House and you loved every second of it. For us, the new episodes were one of the best parts of our week.

Let’s face it. If you did not take the time to watch each episode, guess what? You were totally left out of the conversation at school the next day and that is something that we would like to avoid.

Photo: YouTube/spenceramsdell

All of that is well and good but this man named Spencer from New York uncovered a plot hole from the show that did not make any sense to him. He made a video about the discovery and although it has been quite some time, the internet still rallied around him. The discovery is centered around Uncle Jesse and we actually know exactly what he is talking about.

According to Spencer, this video came about because he was invited to a party where he was given the chance to provide a Powerpoint presentation about the subject of his choice. He was not about to let this opportunity pass him by. He prepared his presentation and made sure to let the whole party know about the Full House plot hole that he had found.

Photo: YouTube/spenceramsdell

He even contacted the writer of the episode that he questioned and asked him the necessary questions. During season four, Uncle Jesse is seen going to his ten-year high school reunion. There is even a flashback to him driving his motorcycle into the high school gym and joking about how he could not be expelled because he was about to graduate.

So, what’s the problem here? As it turns out, in an episode during season six, Uncle Jesse sadly admits to the family that he is actually a high school dropout. It’s one of those things you probably never considered until this man finally came right out and said it.

Photo: YouTube/spenceramsdell

If you would like to find out more about Spencer’s correspondence with the Full House writer, please be sure to check out the following video. It is a great watch for anyone who considers themselves to be a big fan of the show (and how could you not be?).

Thanks to Spencer, we were given the chance to go down nostalgia lane and relive our childhoods one last time.