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Summer is upon us and once the hot days arrive, it can be hard to stay cool. There are only so many popsicles that a person can eat before they get tired of them.

As it turns out, there’s a new summer treat that’s pushing popsicles out of the way, and it’s called frozen honey.

Photo: Max Pixel

Frozen honey is the latest viral food trend on TikTok, receiving over 300 million views. That’s right, this treat is far more popular than you ever could have realized.

So, how is it made? It’s really as simple as freezing some honey, though it won’t actually become frozen solid.

Photo: PIXNIO/bicanski

You see, honey doesn’t actually have enough water (and has too much sugar) to solidify when frozen. No freezer is going to reach a low enough temperature to make the honey into an ice cube of sorts but it does take on a more viscous feel.

Photo: TikTok/jonathan._.linares

TikTok users had a lot of fun playing around with this discovery and we are sure that you will, too.

Check out the videos below:


Tiktok made me do it 🧊🍯 #fyp #frozenhoney

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Reply to @tana_efird Frozen Honey Part 2 🍯 #frozenhoney #british #tastetest #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #trending

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♬ Exploration – Bruno Coulais & Mathilde Pellegrini & Laurent Petitgirard & Hungrarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest & Helene Breschand


#stitch with @jonathan._.linares My take on the frozen honey….but make it vegan 😏 #frozenhoney #frozendates #dates #dessert

♬ original sound – Nicole LeeAnne

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