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The Friends characters that we knew and loved went through so much throughout the course of the show. We watched Rachel progress from being a spoiled rich girl, as she became a powerhouse in her own right. Ross went through three divorces (we know because we counted), and Joey was finally able to achieve all of his wildest acting dreams.

Meanwhile, Phoebe met the perfect man for her and rode off into the sunset. Of course, Monica and Chandler also went through their own evolution, and it always comes back to the lilac door to Monica’s apartment.

Photo: flickr/Rob Young

The show went through ten seasons and countless changes, but this is the constant that always remained. Despite our repeated efforts, our partner has yet to let us transform our door in the same way.

Luckily, there is finally an option that we can get them to agree to. This is also perfect for anyone who is looking for the perfect home decor that will not disturb their housemates. Now, you can bring an inflatable version of the door to any pool party this summer and we are sure that your friends and loved ones will appreciate it.

Photo: Amazon/Paladone

If you would like to take home one of these bad boys, you can head to Amazon right now. At $23, you can’t afford NOT to buy this. All jokes aside, we are certainly going to be buying one of our own.

Photo: Amazon/Paladone

This purple float has a rectangular shape and measurements of 67 inches by 31 inches. It can hold up to 200 pounds, making it the perfect float for one person to lounge on during a lazy summer day. The doorknob, deadbolt, chain lock, and yellow frame from the famous door are all included.

Photo: Amazon/Paladone

The yellow frame came about in the most serendipitous manner possible. According to PopSugar, a mirror broke on the set during the initial filming and someone decided to hang it on Monica’s door, as opposed to throwing it away. Little did they know that they created a piece of sitcom history!

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