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Avocados are one of the best possible additions to a meal that we can think of. However, they can also be a bit of a hassle because they have a tendency to turn brown quickly. Aldi has heard your complaints and they are here to help. Thanks to their new guacamole container, this problem can finally become a thing of the past. Their guacamole fresh keepers are here to change the game.

The containers come with a special seal that keeps the air out and the freshness in. The last thing that anyone can afford is to throw out perfectly good guacamole that they just brought home. It’s a common issue that Aldi is looking to help you address and the containers can hold up to four cups of guacamole at once and it will remain fresh for days at a time.

And, it is dishwasher safe, so there is no need for any hand-washing when you are done. These contraptions can be had for $6.99, a small price to pay for steering clear of all the unwanted expenses that are associated with trashed guacamole.

Those who have already purchased one of these fresh keepers are offering rave reviews.

“I tried it and it made the guac last longer for sure!” said one satisfied Aldi customer.

Best of all, these containers can be used for a variety of other recipes if you are looking to get some more usage out of them, they do not have to be exclusively limited to guacamole.

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Be sure to share this awesome deal with the guacamole lovers in your life as soon as possible. If you have been struggling to keep your guacamole green, these containers are an absolute godsend.

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