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Spicy food isn’t for everyone, but if you’re like me, then you live for spice. You probably even enjoy a little extra kick with your snacks, which means you’ve probably always grabbed the spicy version of snack foods while in the grocery store.

Regular chips? No thank you. Not when you can get the hot ones.

There are plenty of chips out there that are spicy, but there aren’t a whole lot of spicy cracker selections. But Goldfish is changing that with their new Frank’s RedHot crackers, according to a recent press release.

Photo: PRNewswire/Pepperidge Farm

They are going to be rolled out just in time for summer, which means we can enjoy these bite-sized snacks while lounging by a pool or the beach. But before you get too excited, they are a limited edition, so they won’t be around forever.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The new snacks are going to be released by Pepperidge Farm as a collaboration between Frank’s RedHot sauce and Goldfish. They will be created using the same ingredients as usual, so they will taste the same as the original Goldfish crackers, the only difference, of course, being their heat. That heat comes from the classic taste of Frank’s RedHot which is made with vinegar and cayenne peppers. Sounds quite enticing!

Photo: flickr/brett jordan

A spokesperson for the Pepperidge Farm company stated in the press release that they’ve received more than 35,000 requests from fans of the Goldfish cracker and that this flavor has actually been the most requested flavor of Goldfish cracker. It’s great that they’re finally doing it – and we can only imagine the anticipation amongst fans!

If you are looking forward to the new flavor you will only have to hang on a little longer, as they will be released to retailers across the country at the start of May.

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