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Flying is one of those things that you simply have to get used to. A lot of us struggle with that at first, that is for sure. We can’t lie, it took us a while to get adjusted.

For us, our fears diminished as we started to fly more often. For others, this is not nearly as feasible. What do you do when you need to fly but you are terrified? This traveler has a helpful solution that she claims came from a pilot.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Once you have had the chance to learn more about this hack, you won’t be able to believe it. The woman that you are about to meet has a Jell-O metaphor that is absolutely perfect for the situation. Anna Paul is here to share. You see, humans are flightless animals. That’s why flying is never going to feel normal to us, no matter how hard we try.

Meanwhile, Anna is going to explain why the laws of physics are on hand to keep you safe and protected. She teaches the audience to imagine the sky as a cup that has been filled with Jell-O. From there, she crumples up a small piece of a napkin. The napkin is supposed to serve as the airplane’s representative in this analogy.

Photo: TikTok/@anna..paull

Once the terms have been established, the airplane was plunged into the Jell-O cup. The piece of napkin may have sunken into the cup but it never actually reached the bottom. “That is you flying through the sky,” she explained. “There’s pressure from the bottom, pressure from the top, from the sides. Pressure coming from everywhere, OK?”

When she tapped the Jell-O cup, this gave viewers a better idea of what turbulence is actually like. “You feel the plane shaking, but this is not just going to fall down,” she continued, as she pointed to the piece of napkin paper that was stuck inside of the Jell-O. “It’s stuck in there because there’s pressure coming from the bottom and the sides.”

Photo: TikTok/@anna..paull

No plane crash has ever occurred because of turbulence, which is also important for air travelers to remember.

Hopefully those who once feared turbulence and flying can rest easy by thinking of Jell-O! Check out the video below:


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