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We have enjoyed watching all of the celebrities as they pursue their new hobbies over the course of the quarantine period. Seth Rogen has taken up pottery, which has been great to watch. For the most part, celebrities are cooking more these days. When you do not have access to the same private chefs that you are accustomed or you simply have more time on your hands, cooking can be a lot of fun.

Just ask Zach Braff and Florence Pugh! They decided to have a date night at home over the past weekend. In order to properly test their cooking skills, they decided to make pasta from scratch. They whipped up a batch of ravioli and fettuccine, sharing the results with all of their followers on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram / florencepugh

They documented the process on Instagram stories, which have since expired.

“I know they’re not perfect… FIRST TIME,” she said. They look pretty darn good for a first-timer, we are just saying. The ravioli was topped with a thick red sauce, while the fettuccine was prepared with creamy white sauce. “We reached a new level to quarantine last night. Home made fettuccine and ravioli. For a first time.. pretty stoked! I’ll say it, oh dear. This is dangerous,” Pugh said.

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Vanessa Hudgens and Emily Ratajkowski both chimed in under the post. Emily wants the recipe and so do we! This was a beautiful post but it did come with one unexpected side effect. We have spent too much time admiring their dinner and now we have managed to make ourselves rather hungry.

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