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When we travel, we often find ourselves wondering if flight crews are going to be joining us in those long TSA lines. After all, don’t they need to be checked out before they get onto the plane as well?

Flight attendant and TikToker Kat Kamalani went on TikTok to reveal the truth in a now-private video.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She’s made quite the name for herself on the app because of her willingness to let people know more about the inner workings of their flights. Airplanes do not have to remain mysterious and this is something that Kat definitely believes with her whole heart.

Kat has already shared videos about a number of other airline-related topics and they’ve allowed us to learn a lot more about traveling, and now we finally know why it’s rare to see a flight crew going through TSA!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“Have you ever been in the airport and you thought, ‘Where’s all the flight attendants and the pilots? Why are they not going through security?’” Kat said in the now-private TikTok. “At most major airports, we have something that’s known as KCM or Known Crew Member, and what this is, is when we’re hired we get an extensive background check on us, we get our fingerprints done, it’s a whole entire process.”

“So, we can actually go through a secret little door, show our badge, show our Known Crew Member, it gets scanned and we just walk right through, we don’t have to do security,” she continued.

Photo: flickr/Delta News Hub

Beyond that, they are also allowed to bypass the liquid limit. “Sometimes we randomly get picked, so when we’re scanning our badges it says you have to go through security and we get walked to the very front to just go through like everybody else,” Kat concludes.

The more you know!