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Those who reside in tiny homes always rave about the financial benefits that they have to offer. Downsizing definitely has its advantages. Unfortunately, for those who have larger families, these homes are not an option. There simply isn’t enough space to go around. That’s where the “flex house” comes into play. Green Builder Media and Shelter Dynamics are responsible for these beauties and they are well worth your time.

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These spaces are small, flexible, and resilient. They provide tiny home seekers with the aspects that they desire, without all of the unwanted sacrifices of other tiny houses. These homes all serve as their own microgrid, which is pretty darn neat. They are water-efficient, produce all of their own energy, and the materials that are used to build them are all nontoxic.

Photo: Green Builder Media

The indoor living spaces that this company has to offer are as healthy as they come. The kitchens are full size and they come with full-size appliances. There are two bedrooms, a bathroom, an eating area, and a living room. These houses promote a simplified form of living that is fully efficient, allowing you to maximize the spaces that you are residing in.

Photo: Green Builder Media

There’s no reason to create a sizable ecological footprint when homes like these exist. If you are looking for a home like this one, all you need is $85,000 and the home will be delivered to your preferred location within 8 to 12 weeks.

If you would like to find out more about these living spaces, this is your chance to head to their website.

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