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Although most people might not think about the effect of pasta on the environment, researchers have been quite concerned about it.

Because of the shape of pasta, packaging it in small enough packages is not always an option but a new invention is changing things for the better.


The pasta that was created by scientists is flat, so it ships in very small packages but when you cook it, it morphs into a 3D shape. According to Science Advances, it has to do with the way that the pasta is scored, so when it is in boiling water, those scores expand and the noodle is shaped accordingly.

Photo: YouTube/Science Magazine

In order to create these unique pieces of pasta, they used semolina flour and cut grooves into it. They used computer models to create the pasta, feeding data into the model that would eventually make the process automatic. Eventually, it would be possible to ship a lot of morphing pasta in a very small space.

Photo: Science Advances

Not only is flat-shaped pasta better for the environment, but it is also less expensive for the manufacturer.

For most people, however, the reduction in plastic going into the landfills is going to be one of the primary reasons they consider this pasta to be beneficial.

It seems to me that this is a classic way of having your cake and eating it too.