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More than likely, you’ve enjoyed a good hot dog in your life and they may even be a regular part of your diet.

It’s time for you to step beyond hot dogs, however, thanks to what one New Jersey butcher shop is doing. They are reinventing the wheel as far as hot dogs are concerned, by creating flat, round hotdogs. They are doing well and the Internet seems to be in love with them.


According to Fox News,, Rastelli’s shared they are on a mission to improve the common hotdog. In speaking with Fox News, they talked about their creation of the flat frankfurter, and the precut hotdogs are doing quite well. In fact, their customers can’t get enough of them.

They claim that the customers would slice their hotdogs down the middle and grill them. It would increase the flavor by caramelizing them over a larger surface while grilling.

Photo: Pixabay

The new shape of hot dogs, which they are calling “squat dogs,” are being sold online. You can get eight 3-ounce patties for $18.

One interesting thing that the company did was to do away with the hotdog casings. They were afraid that it would be a choking hazard for kids. They also claim that it will save you time at the grocery store because you only have to buy one type of bun when you have a barbecue.


Although most people are thrilled with the new hotdog design, there are others who love the more traditional ballpark Frank. I guess it just proves that you can’t please everyone.

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