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Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most stressful meals of the year. There’s a certain amount of pressure to get things exactly right. Whether you’re trying to keep your kids from tearing the house up or make the perfect dinner, there are no shortage of challenging tasks. That’s why the gravy probably flies under the radar to a certain extent.

It’s never the first item on our to do list, that’s for sure. There’s just one problem with this collective mentality. We always end up having gravy that is less than satisfactory. Who wants to have lumpy gravy on a day when we are supposed to be enjoying a wonderful feast? Of course, every problem always comes with a solution. If your gravy comes out lumpy this year, we’ve got the perfect hack.

This hack came to us by way of Thomas Joseph from Everyday Food. The Martha Stewart cooking channel has become a staple for us as of late. She’s an endless reservoir of awesome ideas. Before you have the chance to check out the lumpy gravy hack, we’ll give you the opportunity to make the perfect gravy the first time around. Read on and we’ll have your gravy game on point in no time.

Photo: YouTube / Everyday Food

Some coarse salt, freshly ground pepper and a tablespoon of Wondra flour are all it takes when you are ready to get started. Once the turkey’s out of the roasting pan, let it stand for 30 minutes. Take the pan juices and put them in a fat separator. Wait for the fat to rise to the surface. Place the roasting pan on medium-high heat. A cup of giblet stock is needed at this time.

Use a wooden spoon to scrape out all of the brown bits at the bottom of the pan and allow the liquid to come to a boil. Next, you’ll grab a small container with a tight lid and put 2 cups of stock and flour inside. Shake it around until it is well combined, pour it into your roasting pan, and stir it to a boil. Combine the items and wait for the gravy to thicken and reduce.

This is when the pan juices are added. Cook the mixture until it has heated through, season to taste with salt and pepper, strain and keep it warm until dinner time. It can all be so simple. If you still end up needing help with your lumpy gravy, Thomas can help you out with that, too!