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When it comes to the things that drive us the craziest, broken jacket zippers are way up there. We have lost some of our favorite jackets to broken zippers and it is frustrating. The jacket itself is still wearable but we cannot put them on without a functioning zipper. Thanks to the video that you are about to watch, you can now put these types of problems in the rearview.

Image by Uki_71 from Pixabay

Twitter user Jesse Torres shared a method on his Twitter account that easily solves the problem of broken zippers using only a fork.

One of the replies to the original tweet had us yelling with laughter. “I almost want to break one on purpose now,” said Coolish_Breeze.

No winter is complete without a broken jacket zipper, right? We have all experienced the horror that comes with realizing that our best coat is now a paperweight. Going through all of the comments on the tweet is giving us life!

The time has come for us to go through the closet and use the fork method to repair any and all zippers. And, of course, share the love with our friends and family as well.

Have you ever tried this before?