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We have traveled around the country a bit in our time and we have come to realize that each region has its own culinary preferences. There are certain foods that cannot be found elsewhere. If you’ve been to Philadelphia before, you are already well aware of their love for cheesesteaks. Chicago residents are all about their deep dish pizzas and New England natives love clam chowder.

The prepackaged junk foods that we know and love also come with their own regional favorites. Zippia is best known as a great website for career advice, but they are also examining the snack foods that each region loves best. Oreo cookies are among the main favorites. As you can see, there are a number of states that are head over heels in love with this snack, including Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Maryland.

Photo: Pixabay

If anything, we are surprised to see the results from other states. Wisconsin, Utah, and Tennessee are not the type of states that prefer candy bars, as opposed to bagged snacks. Alaska drew some attention from us because they are actually a more health-conscious state and preference granola bars, which is somewhat surprising when you consider the weather conditions. If we were stuck inside in the dark for six months out of the year, we would need something a bit more sugary, to be quite honest.


Mississippi loves their Twinkies, and Rhode Island is into the Ritz crackers. As for Florida, mini doughnuts are their snack of choice. Louisiana loves PayDay bars.

Idaho is another state, similar to Alaksa – These folks are eating Clif bars!

Do you agree with your state’s preferences? Let us know!

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