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Keeping it all clean can be a Herculean task for even the best of us, but nothing feels better than when the house is sparkling. (Especially that kitchen!) We do our best to keep it all shiny and we’ve got a few helpful tips and tricks that make our lives easier – and cleaner. From restoring an old skillet to an unexpected microwave cleaner, here are our all-time favorite cleaning hacks. Save yourself some scrubbing!

1. Quick Clean Your Blender

Cleaning the blender after your morning smoothie can be a huge pain (and a little hazardous getting your hand down near that blade) but we’ve got a quick trick that makes easy work of it. When you’re ready to clean, just rinse it out the blender jar, add soap and warm water, pop on the lid, and run it on high for a few seconds. All the gunk will be gone! Give it a final rinse and you’re good to go.

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