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Isn’t this quilt just gorgeous?! It looks like all of these blocks were carefully pieced and the corners were mitered, but the truth is… this entire quilt is made from strip piecing and straight stitching! That’s right! It really couldn’t be easier. In fact, this is a great first quilt for anyone just starting out in the wonderful world of quilting!

You’ll need a jelly roll or a pile of scraps to cut down into two and a half inch strips. This is a great quilt to tackle if you’re trying to bust the scrap pile!

Once you have all of your strips the correct size, simply arrange then in sets of two – a light pattern and a dark pattern. This will help give rich texture and contrast to the finished quilt! From there, stitch the sets of two together, and then stitch the sets of two together.

Finally, lay your strips of four out and crap your triangle ruler. If you don’t have a triangle ruler, no worries! Just mark off your square ruler so you can use the corner. Cut along the lines, and sew your triangles together to make a square! Then, arrange your block by putting four of the squares together. Repeat until you’re done! This is such a fun and easy project, check out the tutorial below!

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