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Tiny homes are quite popular these days, especially now that we are seeing the benefits of simplifying. It seems as if a tiny village may be the next logical step in the evolution of those little homes because it can save more money and help us to live efficient lives.

The Brinks family owns a 21-acre plot of land in Kentucky and they have recognized the benefits of small home living. At one time, they had a normal-sized home in Michigan but they thought they would build a small village on their Kentucky property. It includes a number of smaller buildings rather than one large one. In other words, everyone would have their own home but they would still live together.

Six buildings were built on the family plot. Aside from the 3 homes, there is an office, pool house, barn, and bathroom. One of the tiny homes is built for the parents, Ryan and Keli, and the other 2 homes are for their teenage children, daughter Lennox and son Brodie.

Each of the homes built for the kids is 160 ft.². The parents tiny home is 280 ft.² and includes a kitchen and bathroom. The separate bathroom is used by the children.

“That was the scariest part in the beginning when I’d have to go in the middle of the night,” Lennox explained. “I remember calling over to Brodie and asking him to stand on his porch and watch me while I ran to the bathroom. But now we have lights and lamp posts, so it’s not bad.”

Some people might have concerns about living separately, feeling as if the family doesn’t spend much time together in the first place. It seems as if the opposite may just be true.

“We always eat dinner together and we’re constantly outside. In Michigan, I don’t remember playing yard games,” Lennox said. “On Sundays, after church, we’ll play three different yard games like corn hole. Some people might think, ‘Oh, the parents want to push the kids out and have their own space,’ but it’s the opposite.”

Along with the benefits discussed, they’ve also saved quite a bit of money. $57,000 was paid for the land and the village is energy-efficient, so it is a no-brainer to save more money.

You can see more about the tiny village in the following TikTok created by Lennox.


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