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Hardwood furniture is awesome, of course. We also love the padded furniture that is currently en vogue, as well. The padded furniture might look nice but it does come with certain drawbacks. The fabric pilling that starts to take place can be hard to address. You may have seen this pilling when it comes to your old sweaters and jeans but your fabric furniture is just as susceptible.

Of course, no one wants to deal with this issue at home. It is already hard enough to keep our living room or dining room set clean. Be sure to read on, though. We have the best tip to help you tackle this all too common problem. Your furniture is going to look brand new once you are finished. So what are these little balls of fabric and how can we stop them before they have a chance to start?

Photo: Pxfuel

Sadly, pilling is difficult to avoid. Man-made fibers tend to pull apart if they are met with any sort of abrasion. All it takes is some cleaning or sitting down to cause this abrasion to take place. Unless you are willing to purchase a sweater or couch (and never touch it again), pilling is a part of life. Man-made fibers should be avoided if you are truly tired of it. But, furniture that is not made of man-made fibers is much harder to come by.

Thankfully, there’s a way to keep your fabric furniture looking brand new. Simply grab a lint roller and a razor. Use the razor to shave the fabric balls away, creating a cleaner surface. As soon as you are done, it is time to break out the lint roller, which picks up any excess fibers that have been left behind and leave your furniture looking brand new.

Check out this tip in action in the video:

What do you think of this cleaning tip? Are you going to be using it in your own home?

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