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Capturing that ‘perfect’ shot, especially during your wedding or engagement shoot, is hard to do. In fact, it’s almost become a competition amongst couples to try and one-up each other.

Collin Hewett and Alyssa Snodsmith shared photos from their engagement photoshoot and it quickly went viral on Twitter.

In the viral Tweet, Hewett posted a photo his fiancé had found as inspiration on Pinterest vs a photo that they took together.

In the photo from Pinterest, the man pours champagne delicately into his partner’s mouth. It looks like they are having a very romantic evening.

In the Snodsmith’s photo, Collin pours the champagne into Alyssa’s mouth causing her to choke a bit and spit it out. The results are unflattering but make for a super hilarious memory.

Even Alyssa had to reply to the Tweet to let everyone know that ‘she was ok’.

“At first she was kind of surprised and didn’t know what to think,” Hewett told Delish. “She was a little worried about her hair and makeup, but quickly shrugged it off and we just laughed.”

“I’ve been so surprised that the pictures have gone this viral,” he said. “The original intent of me posting them was just to show some of our friends and I guess it just took off!”

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