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Many of us have had an ex that we wanted to get revenge on at one point or another in our lives. Whether they cheated, were overly mean, or just plain annoying, there are no shortage of former flames that we would like to see squirming a bit.

One woman had the perfect way to get revenge and she revealed her secret on TikTok. She shared that in 2016 she and her boyfriend broke up and she’s been sneakily getting revenge ever since.


“What’s something that’s incredibly immature that you will never stop doing?” she was asked in the TikTok video. Kristina says, “Umm, ever since my ex and I broke up in 2016, I’ve had a very interesting tactic for revenge. My revenge comes in the form of email newsletters.”

Photo: TikTok/kristinamakescontent

She continues to explain that she was in the airport one day and needed to provide an email address to use the wifi.

She wanted to read an article online but didn’t want to get spammed by signing up for the newsletter to get the wifi. That’s when she came up with her brilliant plan.

Photo: Pixabay

She explained that instead of putting in her email, she used her ex’s! The revenge didn’t stop there either. She opted-in for all of the optional “extra” emails, like brand promotions, news, and more.

She said that she uses his email for newsletters anytime she gets a chance – and she’s been doing it for nearly six years!


She said, “And he doesn’t know why. Not a clue. And I will literally never stop doing it.”

Naturally, people had quite the opinions on her revenge. Personally, we are caught between dying of laughter and wondering why she is still doing it all this time later. Since we do not know what this man did to tick her off this badly, we are going to remain on her side for the foreseeable future.

Watch the hilarious video below:


#stitch with @andpacker omg so random of me can’t believe I just did that (but srsly it’s actually quite annoying) #storytime #exes #spammail #idk

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