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The East Coast boasts many amazing sandwich shops. But, at Elsie’s in Haddon Township, outside Camden, New Jersey, they offer something a little bit different. In the main area dispensers full of pickle brine are on offer: free to anyone who can stand to take a shot of the pungent juice. But, people who eat at this restaurant would have to love pickles anyways since they don’t serve bread at all – only sandwiches with pickles instead of bread.

The concept got started when owner Katherine Cohen and her family were attempting to feed her mother, Elsie, who had been diagnosed with diabetes after having survived cancer. They found that these pickle sandwiches did the trick and even resurrected a family pickle recipe for the new delicacy. Now, people with all kinds of dietary restrictions (or just a love of pickles) come from miles around to sample Italian subs on huge pickles and shoot back cups of pickle juice. Incidentally Cohen’s parents owned pizza shops and deli while she was growing up, so she knows a thing or two about food.

Do you love pickles enough to eat a sandwich like this? Or does the thought of this much briny pickle flavor turn your taste buds off? Have a look at this quirky sandwich shop in the video below.

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