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We have all had our experiences in the past when it comes to bad smells in our cars. Whether you are someone who forgets to throw old food away or you have friends who are not as considerate as they should be, the bad smells can be cumbersome. No matter how hard we try, we cannot always seem to get them under control.

So what can we do in these instances? There is a simpler solution that you may not have realized, and no, you do not have to go get your car detailed by the professionals.


A 19-year-old TikTok user named Micah Griffin is winning praise after telling people how to get the funk out of their vehicle with two simple items, and it works better than an air freshener.

As Micah revealed, all you need are scented wax melts and a salt shaker.

Photo: TikTok/micah.griffin

Micah actually came across the hack on TikTok during his own browsing and decided to generously share it with his followers.

When the video begins, Micah heads into Wal-Mart and purchases scented wax cubes and a small salt shaker. Then, he puts the wax cubes into the shaker and puts the lid on. The whole thing is placed into his cup holder, and when the sun warms the car, the wax will heat and melt and produce a delicious scent.

Photo: TikTok/micah.griffin

“When it melts, it’s finna be elite,” the video is captioned.

This trick is designed to keep the car smelling good during the summer months by releasing a fragrance slowly and consistently.

Watch the video below:



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