Eggs Six Ways

Easy Ways to Cook Eggs that Make You Look Like A Pro!



Scrambled eggs are right up there with apple pie as a time-honored American classic. The funny thing is that people all over the world love scrambled eggs too, but the way they make theirs can be different when it comes to texture and even taste. The French love lots of butter in their version that comes out more smooth and wet.

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Like any good thing, the American scramble requires just a little patience, along with a non-stick pan, rubber spatula, fork, bowl, five fresh eggs, 4 tablespoons of butter, and some salt and pepper.


Some people like to add cheese and even some fresh herbs to their scramble during or after the cooking process. That’s up to you, but this way is very simple and delicious. Milk or cream isn’t necessary at all because our technique make for creamy eggs all on their own.


Start by placing your non-stick pan on medium heat and drop in two tablespoons of butter. While the butter melts, crack your fresh eggs into a bowl and whip them up with your fork so they are completely mixed and smooth, sprinkling in ½ teaspoon of salt if you like. Now, turn the heat down to low and immediately pour your whipped eggs into the butter – keep whipping them with the fork while you do if they start to separate.

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Let the eggs start to cook around the very edges of the pan and when they do, use your rubber spatula to gently drag the cooked edges in towards the center of the pan. The uncooked egg will run out to the edges and begin to also cook. Add two more tablespoons of butter and let it mix and melt into the eggs.


You will know your eggs are cooked when they become solid and puff up a bit. As the butter melts and the edges cook again, keep dragging the cooked eggs into the center, creating large curds of deliciousness.


Once all of the eggs have cooked and no longer run, immediately remove the pan from the heat. Keep in mind that eggs continue to cook for a while after you take them off the stove so removing them from the warm pan is important so as not to overcook them.

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We think they look the best when you pile them high in a bowl or on a platter. Sprinkle a little more salt and pepper if you like before serving. A little shredded cheese adds another layer of flavor, but these scrambled eggs stand on their own anytime and anywhere as a classic dish you’re going to love.

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