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When it comes time to get children to eat, the process can be challenging. Every parent is going to have their own strategies and some of them may work better than others.

For example, when we were children, our grandparents would try and bribe us with a shiny new quarter if we were willing to clean our plates and eat all of our veggies.

Photo: flickr/Push Doctor

This cunning little bit of strategy probably doesn’t work as well in the present day. After all, we realize that a mere 25 cents probably does not get as far as it once did.

The days of being able to grab a gumball or a toy from the supermarket with these coins are long over. So what can parents who are tired of the dinner time negotiations do to avoid them?

Photo: flickr/John Verive

Little did we know, this grandmother has a trick that is sure to work wonders. That’s the beauty of grandparents. They have been around the block a few times, so there is no issue that is too big for them to handle.

Once you have had a chance to see this grandmother’s trick, you will be wondering why you didn’t come up with it on your own.

The grandmother in the clip that you are about to see came up with this plan to get the grandchildren to eat their spaghetti more quickly.

She makes it look like the process of consuming the spaghetti is self-controlled.


Grandma twists her ears as she is eating in a very funny way, which is sure to inspire the little ones to eat their fill.

Of course, there is no rule that says that this trick has to be used strictly to convince picky kids to eat. Our little ones are always down to devour everything that we put in front of them (and believe us, we are thankful for that) but they definitely appreciate a good joke like this one.

It is a solid bit if we do say so ourselves. Kudos to this grandmother for being willing to share it with the rest of the world.

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