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I don’t know about you, but summer both seems like it took forever to get here, and like it’s going to be over before I know it. For example, Fourth of July is right around the corner! How did that happen? Whether you’re planning a BBQ for the neighborhood or just hanging out at home with the family, there are lots of fun and easy ways to decorate! You may like these DIYs so much, you keep them up for the rest of the summer.

Bandana Wreath

Via The Country Cottage Chic

How cute is this wreath? What’s even better is that you only need two things – an embroidery hoop and bandanas. Okay, so you need multiple bandanas, so maybe that doesn’t count as one, but still. Pretty cheap and simple as far as DIYs go!

Grab an embroidery hoop of any size (another awesome thing about this DIY – customizable sizes to fit whatever you need), and some bandanas. You can find red, white, and blue bandanas at the local dollar store. Sometimes they have the star-spangled bandanas during the summer, but if not, regular blue will do!

To assemble the wreath, take apart the embroidery hoop and keep only the center ring. Then twist the bandanas in long rolls, fold in half to make a loop, and pull the ends through the loop to secure onto the embroidery hoop, as shown below. Alternate red and white, and then have a chunk for blue!

Via The Country Chic Cottage

Denim & Burlap Lighted Garland

Via Create Craft Love

I love this idea, not only for 4th of July, but all year ’round! Just switch out the colors for a bright (literally) and festive garland for spring, fall, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. All you need is red and white burlap, a roll of denim fabric, scissors, and string lights.

Cut pieces of the burlap and denim and tie them onto the strands. It’s really just that easy. How cute would this look hanging from the mantle or strung up in the backyard?

Ribbon & Lace Flag

Via Craftiments

I won’t lie, I think this is my favorite project on the list. I love the shabby chic look, and I really love how this project uses up odds and ends from the scrap pile! I’m always looking for a way to justify the tub of fabric and yarn scraps in the closet, so this will do just fine!

Collect red and white strips of lace, fabric, burlap, even pom pom strands, along with a section of denim fabric and some white buttons. The hardest part about this DIY is sewing on the buttons, but once that’s done, simply attach the scraps to a wooden dowel by folding the ends over and securing with hot glue. Tie more fabric or a strand of lacy material on either end of the dowl to hang up!

Via Craftiments

5-Minute Lighted Flower Vase

Via The Navage Patch

Who doesn’t love a beautiful 5-minute craft? Add in the fact that it mostly uses dollar store materials, and I’m all in! Gather your supplies – a large hurricane vase (or another glass bottle/mason jar/smaller vase that fits your decor), patriotic bouquets from the dollar store, and solar fairy string lights. You’ll also need a smaller glass vase to put inside of the larger vase for the lights.

To assemble this beautiful DIY, start by fitting the strand(s) of fairy lights into the smaller vase. Then place the vase inside of the larger one. Snip the flowers off of the patriotic bouquets and fit them around the vase in the middle. That’s it! This makes for a gorgeous centerpiece, don’t you agree?

Via The Navage Patch
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