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“Earthship homes” are one of the latest trends that we have seen online and we are going to be honest, we were struggling to wrap our minds around them at first.

They certainly do not look like the homes that we are familiar with. We are used to homes that have a box-like shape, with sharp corners and straight lines as far as the eye can see.

Photo: YouTube/Living Big In A Tiny House

However, these homes flip that concept on its ear. The average home is actually more wasteful than we realize and we end up being highly dependent on the services that the city provides. After all, water and power are not going to materialize in the home on their own. That’s what makes the Earthship homes such a popular choice these days.

People are looking for something a bit different and these homes certainly fit that bill. The home that you are about to see was inspired by the Michael Reynolds book “Earthship: How to Build Your Own, Vol. 1.”

Photo: YouTube/Living Big In A Tiny House

According to a video by Living Big In A Tiny Home, the first one was constructed in Australia and it received the necessary council approval. The structure that they decided on was based on a Reynolds idea, entitled “The Simple Survival Model Earthship.” Martin and Zoe are the couple responsible for its construction.

Since the couple already had a home on their property, this structure has been serving as a bed and breakfast. Bryce Langston decided that he wanted to learn more about this home and he asked the couple some fun questions about the structure. “An Earthship is an off-the-grid building made out of natural and recycled materials. It’s a bit like a spaceship or a sailing boat that has to be all self-sufficient, doing everything for itself, whether it’s power, water and sewage. It’s also called an earthship because it uses a lot of earth in its construction,” Martin shares in the video.

Photo: YouTube/Living Big In A Tiny House

The interior of comprised of 750 square feet and there are plenty of windows and skylights. The greenhouse is especially awesome to look at and it has been described as “having a forest in your living room.”

This is not the only feature that you are going to enjoy, either. That’s why we have included this awesome video so that you are able to learn more about all that this property has to offer. There is no shortage of benefits to living like this and we hope that you enjoy this amazing clip as much as we did:

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