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FINIS is a Dutch company that is looking to assist those who are in search of some assistance with their onion peeling.

You see, many of us are tired of the tears and we are looking for a better way. For years, we have simply had to brave the torrent of tears and peel the onions anyway. Wait until you see what the good folks at FINIS have in store for you, though.

Photo: YouTube/Finis || Eillert – Food Processing Equipment

They have crafted an automatic onion peeling machine (industrial-sized, at that). With the help of this machinery, the core and the tail of the onion are removed more easily than ever before. From there, the onion is set in place and given the chance to be skinned by the air. Once the onion is fed into the machine whole, it is then ready to serve.

“Thanks to our hygienic process and the way of treating the onions in a gentle manner we can achieve the best endproduct’s with a longer shelf life,” the company wrote in their video description.

Photo: YouTube/Finis || Eillert – Food Processing Equipment

The machine is not just for peeling, either. The onions can also be sliced and diced into preferred sizes. These guys have really thought of everything, haven’t they? This is the sort of ingenuity that makes us ask one very important question. Where has this device been all of our lives? Of course, there is one more crucial follow-up question as well.

Can we have one of these in our home? Pretty please? We promise that we will take good care of it. Yes, we know that an industrial-sized machine like this one probably won’t fit too well in our kitchen. That does not mean that we still wouldn’t like to give it a try. It looks like it would be so much fun to use!

Photo: YouTube/Finis || Eillert – Food Processing Equipment

Hopefully, they are able to develop a smaller version of this concept, so that we can all have one in our own homes. In the meantime, we can still dream.

Check out the videos below to see the machine in use!

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