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TikTok is one of the best ways to pass all the free time that we have on our hands these days. And those of us who love to make tiny foods are definitely enjoying ourselves nowadays. TikTok is also a great place for anyone who is looking to make cereal out of various breakfast foods.

If you are familiar with TikTok, you have probably already seen the pancake cereal and the waffle cereal. By that logic, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing videos that depicted donut cereal. Be sure to add this new cereal to your personal list of TikTok recipes. soflofooodie is here to change your life with these two new concoctions.

Photo: TikTok / soflofooodie

There are two different types of donut cereal for you to choose from. The first version gives you the chance to make a series of mini donuts that come with vanilla and chocolate glazes. The donuts are then topped with chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. As soon as the sprinkles have been added, all you need is your bowl and some milk to make the meal complete.

We cannot lie to you, this donut cereal almost seems too good to be true. Pinch us because we are convinced that we are dreaming at the moment. The second video might be even better. The same process is followed for these donuts but they limited the glaze to vanilla. These donuts are also a bit too small for sprinkles to be used, so giant sprinkles were added to the bowl itself.


The cutest “cereal” yet! 🍩🥣 #EatEmUp #pancakecereal #foodhacks #foodtrends #donuts

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We are already craving both of these donut cereals. We wonder what will come next. Mini muffin cereal, anyone?

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