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Thanks to the global pandemic, many couples are having to cancel and/or postpone their 2020 weddings. If a couple needs to reschedule their wedding plans, request a refund from their chosen vendor, or cancel their bachelor party, Domino’s pizza is providing a rain check registry for them.

Any couple who signs up for the registry gets their own customized URL that they can send to all of their loved ones. Loved ones then get to choose a food bundle to send to the couple, allowing them to have a small celebration at home!

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A Domino's registry for postponed weddings? Don't mind if "I Do." 💍 Friends & fam can now send cheesy gift card packages like "Virtual Bachelorette Party" or "Vendor Call-A-Thon" by heading to DominosWeddingRegistry.com!

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The meal options that Dominos is offering include things like the ‘Virtual Bachelorette Party’ and ‘Let the Countdown Begin…Again’!

The registry isn’t limited to just engaged couples either. Even the couples who carry out plans to get married in 2020 can enjoy the registry.

If you would like to check out the options that are available to the happy couples out there, this is your chance to head to the Domino’s website.

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