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Couples who have found themselves stuck inside for the past few months have been keeping busy with all sorts of amazing DIY projects. Anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a home with a library in it will definitely want to pay much closer attention to this couple’s handiwork. If you cannot fit a library into your own home, that’s where this awesome hack is sure to come into play.

Sinclair and Jess Breen are the Australian couple that has come up with this excellent idea. Luckily for us, they have seen fit to share their work with the rest of the world. The finished product is an absolute sight to behold. Whether you are looking to store books or find room for other household items, their DIY bookshelf is the way to go.

Photo: Facebook / Jess & Sinclair

Sinclair and Jess do have a bit of a head start here. They own their own home renovation company, so this project was certainly right up their alley. They used 36 boxes and a large piece of fiberboard to finish the stunning bookshelf.

Photo: Facebook /Jess & Sinclair

As a means of shaving time off the project, the panels that were used to create the boxes all had holes drilled into ahead of time. This simple hack made the process much easier than it would have been otherwise.

Photo: Facebook /Jess & Sinclair

This is the perfect project for anyone who prides themselves on thinking outside of the box. See what we did there? All jokes aside, this is one of the best ways to clear out additional space in the home. Since many of us struggle to throw things away (or have already thrown away as much as we can), these types of project ideas are an absolute godsend.

Photo: Facebook /Jess & Sinclair

The project is giving us #relationshipgoals and #homemaking vibes and we are living for it. It’s not every day that you come across a storage solution that could also double as a work of art.

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