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Baby wipes are an absolute godsend for most of us. The flip-top packets are our favorites. When you need to clean up smaller messes quickly or do some disinfecting, these wipes are always here for us. There is only one issue with these packets that we have come across up until now and that’s the fact that the packets have to get thrown out once they’re used up.

So how can we get rid of these packets, while minimizing waste? Turns out, YouTuber DaveHax has a tutorial to help us do just that. Thanks to him, we’re able to reuse the lids of the babywipes containers!

In fact, the lids can be used to make resealable clips for our chip bags. While we can always power through and finish them anyway, no one needs that kind of stress in their life. Snack time is supposed to be peaceful after all.

Photo: YouTube / DaveHax

His chip packet life hack is an absolute must-see. Anyone who is looking to finally get the most out of all the baby wipe packets that they would normally throw away should definitely take the time to watch. Let’s all do our part to reduce the amount of waste we create each day.

Saving the environment is a job that we all need to be pitching in on. One person alone is not going to be able to help. We all need to be more conscious of the effects that we have on the world around us. Baby wipe packages are one of the more common items at your local landfills and it’s time we did something about it.

Be sure to share this one with all of the other parents in your life as soon as possible. Who couldn’t use a hack like this one? Even those who are not purchasing baby wipes on a regular basis will want to find out more about this game-changing chip hack.

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