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Whether you are trying to save some money yourself or you are looking to help someone you know, learning how to cut hair at home can be a lifesaver. The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping many men away from their favorite barbers at the moment and desperate times call for desperate measures. Thanks to this helpful tutorial, you are able to sidestep these concerns going forward.

The trips to the barber are tedious and costly, even when we are not engaging in social distancing measures. Even if you do not have any experience to speak of, the process is simple. Amateur barbers, this is your time to shine. The Young House Love YouTube channel is here to help. The woman you are about to meet is not exactly a professional, either. She’s just trying to help her man out!

We can relate to clips like these during these trying times. While we are doing our best to adjust to the current status quo, there are certain things that we miss. Can you believe that this woman has been cutting her fiance’s hair for at least seven years now? This couple was looking to remain resourceful, even before the quarantine era had a chance to arrive.

Image by Orna Wachman from Pixabay

Best of all, you can handle the task without having to spring for anything too expensive. All it takes is one quick trip to CVS for a pair of hair cutting scissors. The video tutorial is very helpful and if you would like to learn more, Young House Love is here to make life even simpler. In addition to the video, they are also providing a full article over at their website.

All of the men who have been patiently waiting for their barbers to return can now rest easy. There’s no reason to continue walking around with unkempt hair. Your significant other is sure to thank you. Maybe if you play your cards right, she will be willing to do the job for you. The before and after pictures at Young House Love are all you need to entice her.

She’s probably getting awfully sick of looking at your mop-top anyway. You won’t be able to believe your eyes once you have had the chance to see what an amateur can do!