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The holidays are not complete with The Grinch. The movie is a Christmas classic, and so is the accompanying merchandise. The Christmas season wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t green Grinch cookies and other goodies. There are also wearable items that feature the Grinch on them – personally, I have a pair of socks with the Grinch on them that I wear every holiday season.

But thanks to the creator of the Raising Dragons website, Andrea, there is now a crafty-yet-educational tool that can be done at home. Given that this year has seen such an increase in staying at home and distance learning, one mom decided to be proactive and make learning fun. Given the holiday season, she came up with a Grinch Sensory Bag and Letter Activity – it combines both sensory play alongside a letter-finding game.

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Raising Dragons – Activities For Kids

It is hands-on fun that also provides a learning opportunity. It is meant for kids who are aged between 3-7 years old, but it can also be adapted to the learning needs of older kids. Basically, it can also be turned into fun for the whole family. But the creation of this at-home learning kit is pretty simple. All you need is a freezer bag, rubbing alcohol, markers, packing tape, and green hair conditioner or lotion. There are a few other items needed but they’re all listed, alongside the directions, on the Raising Dragons website.

The whole premise of the game is for your children to identify the hidden letters beneath the green slime. It is entirely up to you whether you want them to locate letters as individuals or whole words.

Check out the how-to video below:

What do you think of the Grinch Sensory Bag and Letter Activity? Would you want to make something like this to entertain your kids at home this holiday season? Let us know!

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