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With summer underway we’re all having to get creative in the ways that we deal with the heat. For most of us, that means adjusting the thermostat to a suitable, arctic environment. However, not all of us have central air conditioning in our homes. As a result, alternative means of cooling down are necessary. Most of us who don’t have air conditioning in our homes usually stick to the tried and true methods of opening windows or buying a standing fan or two in order to keep the room cool.

But there is also a very innovative way to keep the temperatures down in your home without necessarily spending a fortune on air conditioning. And the best part about it is its DIY so you can spend quality time with the family crafting ways to stay cool.

Photo: YouTube / Wearex

The supplies that are needed are the following:

– Two 16-to-20-ounce plastic bottles
– Precision knife
– Handheld tapered reamer or a drill bit that can cut through plastic
– Medium-sized fan
– Thin metal wire
– Pliers
– Ice cubes

Photo: Youtue / Wearex

Once you have your items follow these instructions:

1. Using your precision knife carefully circle it around 150-degrees about 1-inch up from the base of the bottle. Don’t cut the entire bottom off! There should still be a small piece of plastic that has the lower portion attached.

2. Warm up your drilling bit and then starting at the base begin making small holes in the plastic all the way up to the mid-section of the bottle. Each hole should be about one-quarter-inch apart from the next.

3. Repeat steps one and two with the second plastic bottle.

4. Once finished, you can attach both bottles on either side of the fan and secure it by twisting metal wiring through the holes at the base area close to the cap. Each bottle should be in an upside-down position.

5. Load ice cubes into your plastic bottles and fill them to the top.

Once completed you can switch on the fan and immediately begin experiencing the rush of cool air! While this DIY project definitely will be a good temporary solution, if you want something that lasts a bit longer you can check out the tutorial for a longer-lasting air cooling system.

Meanwhile, watch the instruction video below before attempting the DIY air conditioning project:

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