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I was today years old when I found out a quite interesting fact about disposable lids. They’re not just lids, but they also can double as disposable coasters! Who would’ve thought?

How many times have we gotten ourselves a nice and refreshing icy drink, only to have the ice’s condensation get all over our desks at work or tables at home? That is the absolute worst, isn’t it? Especially if you have any papers nearby. It’s also highly uncomfortable if your sleeve ends up making contact with said condensation ring. But no more.

Photo: Max Pixel

According to Best Life, many disposable lids can function as a coaster, meaning they’ve got more use to them other than just holding your straw in place or keeping liquid from spilling out while it’s in transit.

Best Life has shared that most of these disposable lids have ridging around the top which actually fit the bottom of your cup so you can just snap it into place and keep it from sliding around – mind blown! The only thing they suggest is that you give the bottom of the lid a quick wipe before using it as a coaster.


So simple and such a valuable life hack that can save us so many annoying condensation rings. Of course, what works for cold drinks doesn’t always work for hot drinks. In fact, it can actually be a bad idea to try and use the lid of a hot drink as a coaster.

For one, there isn’t really a need as hot drinks don’t create condensation on the sides. And two, taking the lid off your hot drink will cause it to cool down faster. And let’s be honest, coffee doesn’t taste as nice when it’s barely lukewarm.

Photo: flickr/Marco Arment

What do you think of the disposable lid hack? Have you ever tried this trick before? Will you start using your drink’s disposable lid as a coaster? Let us know!

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