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Social distancing is becoming the new norm but there are still ways that we can keep in touch with those we love. Remote teleconferencing tools are being used by many, not only for business but also to stay in touch with family and friends without leaving home. If you happen to use Zoom, you can use a virtual background to keep things interesting. The following 8 Disney Zoom backgrounds are sure to make you the life of your next conference.

Zoom has a virtual background feature that makes it easy to personalize what is going on behind you during the call. You can replace the background with a video or image of your choice. Most people use it to hide a messy room but you can also use it to have some fun. In order to get started, you will need a Mac or PC computer with Zoom version 4.6.0. You can also use the Zoom mobile app for iOS, compatible with iPhone 8 or later or a fifth-generation iPad and later. A green screen is recommended by Zoom or you should use a solid color wall as your backdrop.

After creating an account and signing into Zoom, change the backdrop by going to the settings and selecting the “virtual background” tab. You can then choose one of Zoom’s virtual backgrounds or upload your own video or high-res image. Many royalty-free image sites are perfect for choosing a background that will work well.

You could also select a Disney image. It may be true that Disney is closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, but you can still make your next zoom meeting the Happiest Place on Earth. You can get started with these entertaining backgrounds that will be loads of fun.

1. Disney Characters Background

Photo: Pexels

You can download this background from Pexels to see your favorite Disney characters lit up on the castle at Disneyland.

2. Mickey Mouse Background

Photo: Pexels

There may be many Disney characters but Mickey Mouse runs the show. You can download this background to make him the mascot of your next meeting.

3. Mini Mouse Background

Photo: Unsplash

How would you like to be Mini Mouse for your next meeting? You can download this background from Unsplash to take advantage of the ears and red bowtie.

4. Snow White Background

Photo: Unsplash

Unsplash also offers a Snow White background which provides a beautiful white backdrop.

5. Disney Fireworks Background

Photo: Pixabay

Pixabay will help you light things up on your next virtual meeting with friends or family once you download the Disney fireworks background.

6. Mickey and Minnie background

Photo: Pixabay

You can also download a Mickey and Minnie background from Pixabay and let their friendship rule.

7. Toy Story Background

Photo: Pixabay

Woody is the perfect addition to your virtual background with this Toy Story option.

8. Disney Castle Background

Photo: Unsplash

Disney may be closed for now but you can still visit virtually when you download this classic Disney Castle background. It’s nostalgia at its best.