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When it comes to the happiest place on Earth, we can’t help but admit that some of that happiness is linked to food. And yes, I’m referring to the Disneyland theme park.

Growing up, I went there as a kid a couple of summers, and while the rides were a lot of fun, I remember them being more fun if I had a snack in my hand to make the long waits in line go by that much quicker.

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And let’s be honest, Disneyland has some pretty great food options. Whether you’re a sweet or savory person, they most likely have something that will speak to your tastebuds. However, perhaps the best part of the food in Disneyland is that most everything comes on a stick so you can eat it on the go – quite effective if you ask me.

Disney is always rolling out new treats to keep their guests well fed and entertained, and not long ago, Disney even unveiled a new summertime delight that will have you wanting to visit the park just to snack on it.

Their latest addition to the Disney food scene is the pineapple marshmallow wand, shared on Instagram by @disneyhungry.

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It consists of marshmallows that have been piled high onto a stick. They’ve then been covered in caramel before getting dipped into yellow pineapple-flavored white chocolate. They are then decorated with a green zigzag. Check out the picture shared by Instagram user @colleen.bon1.

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These new summer treats are being sold at both Disneyland and its neighboring Downtown Disney District. They’re not too bad for cost either, at only $5.

In Disneyland, these dipped pineapple wands can be for at Candy Palace and Pooh Corner, and in Downtown Disney you will be able to purchase them Marceline’s Confectionery and Trolley Treats.

Photo: flickr/Loren Javier

But perhaps our favorite thing about these treats is just how Instagramable they look.

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