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Why do you visit TikTok?

If you are like most people, you do so to waste a little time and perhaps see something interesting in the process.

Photo: Pexels/Solen Feyissa

Admittedly, we aren’t all looking for the same thing when we visit that social media platform but it always has something to offer. This includes some hacks that change the way we live our lives and do specific tasks around the home.

Darbi McGlone is a social media user on TikTok who regularly posts videos. A recent one is labeled as a public service announcement, saying “Dishwashers have filters and you should clean them.”

Photo: TikTok/@darbiesellshomes
Photo: TikTok/@darbiesellshomes

She clearly shows her followers how to find the filter in the dishwasher and remove it for cleaning.

Some of those who watched her video posted videos of their own, showing how dirty their filter was because they did not know about this often hidden fact.


PSA: Clean your dishwasher filter. #momsoftiktok

♬ original sound – darbisellshomes


Ummm, WTF. Tiktok has taught me more than school ever will… #duet with @darbisellshomes

♬ original sound – darbisellshomes

It may not change your life, but it certainly can change your ability to keep your dishes clean.

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