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Like many people, I enjoy getting away on vacation. There is nothing quite like spending some time at a hotel and allowing other people to do the dirty work for you.

Admittedly, I realize that things aren’t always as they should be at a hotel and I do go in with at least a little caution. Now that a former housekeeper has blown the whistle on the disgusting cleaning process, however, the rose-colored glasses have come off.

Photo: Unsplash/Marten Bjork

A TikTok enthusiast, @_sourqueen, wanted to share something with the world. Since she formerly worked as a housekeeper at a four-star hotel, she had a story or two to reveal.

What she discussed was the fact that your hotel room may look clean, but there were certain things that she would never touch or use while staying at a hotel. She said: “Seriously, I’ve seen some things.”

After revealing the fact that she had some horror stories, she went on to share some with us. What are some of the items that she would never touch?

Photo: TikTok/@_sourqueen

First of all, she would never touch the glassware or coffee pot. She said that often, they are simply rinsed out and the towel used to clean the rest of the room is used to dry them.

She then went on to discuss the ice bucket, which should never, ever be used. In some cases, visitors to pet-friendly hotels will use them as a water dish. In other cases, the unthinkable happens.

Another item, and perhaps one that is more shocking than any other is the bedspread. She said she would “never, ever, ever” touch the bedspread because sometimes they aren’t washed between guests.

Photo: TikTok/@_sourqueen

In fact, she says you should take it off the bed the minute you walk into the room and never put it back on. In her words: “They only get washed once a year, if that, unless there is a visible stain on them. So unless someone has bled, puked, pissed, s- -t on them, they do not get washed for an entire year.”

She had a follow-up video where she explained that heavy linens, such as comforters and blankets are only clean once a year. It only happens during the off-season, but even then, they may not get removed if they aren’t soiled.


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In the end, she does give some of her former colleagues a green light, saying that they are only doing what they are supposed to be doing. In fact, she reveals that many of the maids do this because of their training, and if they take too long to do a room, they will get reprimanded.

She said that she is also careful about checking into hotel rooms, which has caused some problems for her personally. This includes the fact that she is now getting ready for a honeymoon, and her fiancé is tired of hearing about what happens in a hotel room.


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